Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our New Blog

As you may have seen from the posting in my Etsy shop I have been taking quite a few weeks off to complete a laundry list of personal projects as well as the reorganization and expansion of my tiny little studio (which won't be as tiny when I'm done with it!)

One of my big projects was to update the Busy B Designs website and also start a new blog....which I am happy to say can be checked off the list!

During this time my hubby and I have been settling in nicely at our new "home away from home"... a small vacation house near the Puget Sound. It's quite a task to move into a space that you aren't living in full time...what to bring, what stays, what travels back and forth....aghh!

One of the nicest things about it (I must admit) is the fact that we have no computer or internet access. This brings me to my apology for all the unanswered emails of late. :)

I'll be adding more posts as I rev-up and get back to business. In the meantime enjoy the rest of your summer!

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